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How Fast Can a Polar Bear Swim 1

How Fast Can a Polar Bear Swim – Polar Bear Swimming Speed

Polar bears depend on the arctic ice for catching its prey. But due to global warming sea ice has declined, which has pushed the polar bears to swim longer distances to reach solid ice sheets. Swimming is also one of the arctic adaptations of polar bear to the harsh arctic climate. Amongst all the bear… Keep Reading

Biggest polar bear - Tallest Polar Bear - Largest Polar Bear

How Big is a Polar Bear – Polar Bear Size

When it comes to size, Polar Bears are one of the biggest land carnivores. When we ask how big an animal is we want to ascertain how much volume or space does it occupy. In case of animals we can ascertain its size by its length, height, width and weight. We have already have posts… Keep Reading

How Much Do Polar Bears Weigh - Polar Bear Weight

How Much Does A Polar Bear Weigh – Polar Bear Weight

Polar Bears being the largest land carnivore, stand at the top of the food chain pyramid in the Arctic. This fact makes one wonder about the size and weight of the polar bears. Among all the bear species, polar bears is one of the heaviest and the tallest. One of the main reason behind polar… Keep Reading

What Color Skin Do Polar Bears Have

What Color Skin Do Polar Bears Have – Polar Bear Skin Color

If you ask someone about the polar bears skin color, they will say for sure it’s white color. But this is not true, it’s their fur which makes them look white by reflecting visible light. Surprisingly the Polar Bear Skin Color is Black. Acquiring this black skin is one the arctic adaptations of an adult… Keep Reading


What Eats Polar Bear – Polar Bear Predators

Polar Bears have long been known as the apex predator of the arctic region. It has been on the top of the food chain in the north pole region for a very long time. They are big, strong and powerful enough that no other animal dares to rival it. One thing is for sure that… Keep Reading

Do Killer Whales Eat Polar Bears - Polar Bears vs Killer Whale

Do Killer Whales Eat Polar Bears – Polar Bears vs Killer Whale

The Killer Whale also known as Orca is the largest member of the dolphin family. They are also known as one of the top predators of the sea just like wolves on the land. Killer whales diet includes a wide range of marine animals like seals, sea lions, whales, fish, squid and seabirds. Killer whales unlike… Keep Reading

Polaar Bear Digestive System Diagram

Polar Bear Digestive System – Adaptations , Diagram & Anatomy

Polar Bears are the most interesting to learn among all the bears. Their adaptability to the extremes of the tundra and their unique set of survival skills make them very interesting to study. Like its all other adaptations, the Polar Bear Digestive System is also one of its important adaptation to its environment. The unique… Keep Reading

How Big is a Polar Bear - Polar Bear Size

How Tall is a Polar Bear – Polar Bear Height

Polar Bear is the largest land carnivore and knowing that we wonder how tall is a polar bear when measured. We have also seen polar bear standing on its hind legs and in that position it can be even more taller. We have gathered complete information about the Polar Bear Height to give you a… Keep Reading

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