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Polar Bear Abilities

Polar bear height

How Far Can a Polar Bear Smell – Polar Bear Smell

A Polar bear can smell a seal that is at a distance of 32 km i.e. 20 miles away from it. This is indeed an extraordinary sense of smell. Not only this, Polar Bear can smell a seal which is 3 feet beneath the ice from a distance of 1 km i.e 0.6 miles. With… Keep Reading

How Tall is a Polar Bear

How far can a Polar Bear See – Polar Bear Eyesight

Eyesight of Polar Bears appears to be same as ours which means that they are able to see as far as we can see. So how much far can we see usually depends upon the size of the object and the amount of light coming from it. We are able to see galaxies 2.6 million… Keep Reading

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