How Strong Is A Jaguar – Jaguar Strength

Jaguar is the largest cat in Americas and the third largest cat in the world after Lion and Tiger. It is well known for its strength. Here we have gathered complete information on How Strong Is A Jaguar and have explained the Jaguar Strength from different perspective. You are going to learn about its strength, power, bite strength and jaw strength. Further more we have compared the Jaguar Strength with the strength of other animals.

How Strong Is A Jaguar

  • Jaguar is one of the five big cat species native to the Americas.
  • It has a stout body and strong muscular legs.
  • Jaguar is considered as the most powerful and strongest of all the big cats.
  • It is strong enough to pierce the armored skin of a crocodile.
  • Its bite force is the highest of all the felines (big cats).
  • With its bite force and unusual killing method, a jaguar can pierce the shells of armoured prey, such as turtles and tortoises.

How Strong Is A Jaguar - Jaguar Strength

How Powerful Is A Jaguar

  • The jaw muscles of a jaguar is the strongest of all the big cats.
  • A jaguar is so powerful that it can beat a crocodile with a single fetal bite.
  • With its bite force and strong jaw muscles, it can easily pierce the shells of armored prey (turtles and tortoises) and the armored skin of crocodiles.
  • A jaguar can also easily crush the beef bones.

Are Jaguars The Strongest Cats

  • In terms of biting force and jaw muscle strength, jaguar is the strongest of all the cats.
  • However, in terms of moving weight (dragging a carcass or lifting it into a tree), the lion is the strongest cat. 

How Strong Is A Jaguar’s Bite – Jaguar Bite Strength

  • The bite of a jaguar is strong enough to pierce the shells of turtles and tortoises and the armored skin of crocodiles.
  • A jaguar kills mammalian prey with a single fatal bite directly through the skull, crushing the skull bones and reaching the brain.

How Strong Is A Jaguar's Bite

What Is The Bite Force Of A Jaguar – Jaguar Bite Force

  • The bite force of a jaguar is 1,500 PSI.
  • According to a study (did by Per Christiansen and published in the Biological Journal of Linnean Society), a jaguar with 100 kg weight exerts a biting force of 4.939 kilonewton (1,110 pound force) at the canine teeth and 6.922 kilonewton (1,556 pound force) at the carnassial notch.

Jaguar Jaw Strength

  • The jaw muscles of jaguars are the strongest of all the big cats.
  • They can also open their jaws wider than any other big cat species. This ability allows them to grip the large skull of prey in their jaws and crush it easily with their teeth.
  • That is why jaguars kill their prey in a unique way unlike other big cats, which bite their prey at the throat and kill it through suffocation (lion and leopard) or bite through the neck and crush the spin (tiger).
  • Using its strong jaws, a jaguar bite directly through the skull and crushes it with a single fatal bite and reaches to the brain.
  • The strongest bite force of jaguars is in fact due to its strong jaws, which make them able to bite through the thick skin of crocodiles and the hard shells of armored prey.

Why Do Jaguars Have Strong Jaws

  • Jaguars have strong jaws because of the arrangement of their jaw muscles, which are slightly stronger than those of the other big cats relative to their body weight.
  • Additionally, the jaws of a jaguar are also slightly shorter than those of the other big cats relative to body weight, which increases its leverage for biting.

Do Jaguars Have The Strongest Bite

  • Yes, a jaguar has the strongest bite of all the big cats.
  • However, its bite is not the strongest of all the animal species. Nile crocodile (with about 5,000 PSI bite force), great white shark (with about 4,000 PSI bite force), saltwater crocodile (3,700 PSI bite force), and hippopotamus (1,800 PSI bite force) have stronger bite than a jaguar.

Jaguar Vs Hyena Bite Force

  • The bite force of jaguar is 1500 PSI (pound per square inch) while the bite force of hyena is 1,100 PSI.

Jaguar Bite Force Vs Tiger

  • The bite force of a jaguar is 1,500 PSI and of a tiger is 1,050 PSI.

Does A Jaguar Have A Stronger Bite Than A Lion

  • Yes, the bite of a jaguar is stronger than a lion.

Jaguar Animal Strengths And Weaknesses

  • The strengths of a jaguar include: having the strong jaw muscles and exerting the strongest bite force of all the big cats, leaping ability, and its abilities to climb trees and swim.
  • Low stamina is the major weakness of a jaguar, due to which it can not sustain its fastest speed for long distances.


How Strong Is A Baby Jaguar

  • A baby jaguar is vulnerable and not strong like adults.
  • It depends on the mother for food and protection.
  • As it grows, it develops its body strength, fighting abilities, and other skills like swimming and climbing.

What Is Stronger Than A Jaguar

  • Jaguar is a big cat with the strongest bite force. Its ability to bite through the skull with ease gives it more strength. However, a jaguar is not the strongest animal on the planet earth.
  • Even in big cats, it is possible that a bengal tiger or a lion will beat a jaguar if confronted. 
  • In terms of moving weight, the lion and bengal tiger are stronger than a jaguar because of their large body sizes.
  • Anacondas are known to kill jaguars through coiling and squeezing their bodies around them.
  • In terms of bite force, a hippopotamus, great white shark, and Nile crocodile are more stronger than a jaguar.

Is A Tiger Stronger Than A Jaguar

  • The bite force of a jaguar is greater than a tiger. 
  • However, a tiger has a larger body size and weight than a jaguar.
  • A tiger is also equipped with stronger claws and shows astonishing fighting abilities than a jaguar.
  • All these characteristics collectively make a tiger stronger than a jaguar.

Is Jaguar Stronger Than Lion – Can A Jaguar Beat A Lion

  • In terms of bite force and jaw muscles strength, a jaguar is stronger than a lion.
  • However, in terms of weight moving, a lion is stronger than a jaguar.
  • In a one-on-one fight, a jaguar can get the chance to beat a lion.
  • However, it is more possible that a lion would beat and kill a jaguar.

Which Animal Can Kill Jaguar

  • Anaconda can kill jaguars.
  • Anaconda wraps its muscular body around the prey and squeezes it until the prey asphyxiates and dies.
  • They are known to kill jaguars.

Which Animal Can Kill Jaguar

Jaguar Vs Gorilla

  • The bite force of jaguar is 1500 PSI and of a gorilla is 1,300 PSI.
  • Such a strong bite force of a gorilla is due to its massive neck and jaw muscles.
  • Gorillas are herbivores and eat tougher stuff as a diet, including heavy shoots, tree bark, berries, nuts, and fibrous plant matter. So, strong jaw muscles and strong bite force is necessary to chew tough plant matter.
  • As a gorilla is a herbivore, it is not adapted for fighting and agility. So a jaguar is stronger and much more powerful than a gorilla.

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Jaguar Vs Wolf

  • The bite force of wolves is measured as around 1,200 PSI, which is less than the 1,500 PSI bite force of a jaguar.
  • A jaguar also has a big body size, deadlier jaws and sharp claws than wolf.
  • Jaguar is also more agile and runs at much high speed than a wolf. 
  • All these features make a jaguar extremely stronger than a wolf.

Jaguar Vs Skunk

  • Skunks are mammals of the family Mephitidae and found in the Americas.
  • Skunks are known for their ability to spray a liquid as a defensive weapon, which has an extremely unpleasant and strong smell.
  • A skunk is much smaller in size than a jaguar. It also does not have a strong bite force. It is not a skilled swimmer or fighter like a jaguar.
  • However, if confronted, a jaguar will not tolerate the strong stinky smell of a skunk’s spray and will run away.

Jaguar Vs Alligator

  • Jaguars are more powerful than alligators.
  • They are known to kill caimans (close relatives of alligators) with a single fatal bite.
  • The strong jaw muscles and teeth of a jaguar allows it to pierce the armored hide of an alligator or a crocodile.
  • Moreover, jaguar is an excellent swimmer and leaper, which makes it extra strong than an alligator. 
  • Jaguar are known to stalk a caiman from a cover in the trees or bushes and jump on it into the water and kill it usually with a single fatal bite.

Jaguar Vs Bear

  • A bear has a greater body size and weight than a jaguar.
  • However, jaguars have stronger jaw muscles, greater bite force, and excellent fighting skills, which make them stronger than bears.

Jaguar Vs Leopard Difference

  • Jaguars have stockier and heavier bodies than leopards.
  • The jaw muscles and teeth of a jaguar is also stronger than a leopard.
  • The bite force quotient of a leopard is 94, which is much lower than 137 of a jaguar.

Jaguar Vs Mountain Lion

  • Jaguar is bigger, heavier, and stronger than a mountain lion (commonly known as a cougar, or puma).
  • The jaw muscles and teeth of a jaguar are much stronger than a cougar (mountain lion).
  • A jaguar exerts a bite force of 1,500 PSI, while a cougar exerts only 750 PSI bite force.

Can A Jaguar Kill A Nile Crocodile

  • An adult full-grown jaguar can kill crocodiles, no matter what is its species.
  • However, a Nile crocodile is much higher, heavier, and equipped with impenetrable skin and a flexible tail to defend itself than those (caimans) found in the habitat range of jaguars.
  • The bite force of Nile crocodiles is about 5,000 PSI, which is extremely higher than the jaguar’s bite force (1,500 PSI).
  • A jaguar (native to Americas) and Nile crocodile (found in Africa) have different habitats, however, in case of a conflict, the Nile crocodile would be the winner.

Jaguar Strength

Can A Jaguar Kill An Alligator

  • Yes, a jaguar can kill an alligator and crush its head with a single fatal bite if the size of the alligator’s head fits on its jaws.

Jaguar Vs Cheetah Vs Leopard

  • Jaguar is stronger and bulkier than a leopard, while a leopard is stronger and bulkier than a cheetah.
  • Cheetah has basically a slender and taller build, which makes them able to run fast.
  • In a one-on-one fight, a jaguar would likely beat a leopard and a leopard would possibly beat a cheetah.

Jaguar Vs Hyena

  • A jaguar is bigger and heavier than a hyena.
  • Its bite force is also greater than hyena.
  • The overall characteristics of a jaguar, such as body size, weight, bite force, and fighting skills make it much stronger than a hyena.

Jaguar Vs Leopard Strength

  • Both jaguar and leopard are fast runners and excellent climbers and swimmers.
  • However, a jaguar is stronger than a leopard, because it has a stockier and heavier built, strong jaw muscles, and greater bite force than a leopard. 

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