How Tall is a Giraffe – Giraffe Height

When it comes to the tallest land animal on earth, Giraffe is the tallest of all. Due to its height, Giraffe always has been the center of attention at zoos and in safari parks. If you have never seen a Giraffe, you might wonder “How Tall is a Giraffe”. We have gathered complete information about the Giraffe Height, that will not only let you know the average height of the Giraffe but also the individual height of both male and female giraffe, height of baby giraffe and height of the tallest Giraffe ever recorded. We also have height comparison charts of the Giraffe to give you a visual idea of its height.

How Tall is a Giraffe

Usually when someone asks, how tall is a giraffe, it means that the person is asking the average height of the adult male giraffe. So the most obvious answer is the average height of the male giraffe.

how tall is a giraffe

1. What is the Average Height of a Giraffe – Average Giraffe Height

How Tall is a Giraffe in Meters

  • The average height of a Giraffe is 5 to 6 meters.

Height of Giraffe in cm

  • The average height of a Giraffe in cm is 500 to 600 centimeters.

How Tall is a Giraffe in Feet

  • The average height of a Giraffe in feet is 16.4 to 19.7 feet.

2. How Tall is a Male Giraffe

  • The average height of a male Giraffe is 5 to 6 meters i.e. 16.4 to 19.7 feet.
  • The male Giraffe is taller than the female Giraffe.

3. How Tall is a Female Giraffe

  • The average height of a female Giraffe is 4.6 meters i.e. 15.1 feet.

4. How Tall is a Baby Giraffe – Baby Giraffe Height

How Tall is a Newborn Giraffe – Giraffe Height at Birth

  • When compared to the babies of other animals, a baby giraffe is the tallest baby at birth among all the animals’ babies.
  • A newborn Giraffe is about 1.8 meters tall i.e. 6 feet which is almost equal to the height of its mother’s legs.
How tall is a baby giraffe
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How Tall Can a Giraffe Get

  • The baby giraffe gets most of its height in the first three years after its birth.
  • They become adult at the age of Four years.
  • If it is male it can get about 18 feet tall and if it is female then it will get about 14 feet tall.

5. How Tall is the Tallest Giraffe – Tallest Giraffe in the World Height

  • The tallest Giraffe in the world ever recorded was about 19 feet tall and was called George.
  • It was a Masai bull that was kept in Chester Zoo in Cheshire, England back in 1959.
  • It was brought from Kenya and it died in 1969.
  • Currently the tallest Giraffe is Zulu which is just over 19 feet tall.
  • It is kept in Folly Farm zoo in Saundersfoot and Tenby, Pembrokeshire, England.
  • Zulu is about four feet taller than the average Giraffe and is currently the tallest animal in captivity.
tallest giraffe in the world
Zulu. Image source:

6. How Tall is a Giraffe Compared to a Human

  • When compared to human the Giraffe is taller than three adult human standing on each other’s head.
  • Even the Giraffe legs are taller than the average height of human.
  • A baby giraffe at birth is taller than the average human.
  • The average height of human is about 5 feet 10 inches while that of Giraffe is 16.4 to 19.7 feet which is three times more.
how tall is a Giraffe
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7. Length of Giraffe’s Other Parts of Body

  • The average length of both giraffe’s neck and legs is 1.8 meters i.e. 6 feet.
  • The average length of its tongue is 21 inches i.e. 53 cm.
  • The size of its feet is 12 inches i.e. 30.5 cm.
  • The size of its heart is about 0.6 meter i.e. 2 feet.

8. How Tall is a Giraffe – Giraffe Height Video

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  1. About 25 years ago, I had the pleasure to hand-feed a young giraffe. I lined up with the kids at an open zoo.
    I was in my mid 40s at the time, but I didn’t care if anyone laughed at me, it was such a great experience to even get that close to such a magnificent animal.

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