Revealed: Which Animal Is The Dumbest? – Surprising Findings and Top 20 List

There is a list of animals that are known to be the dumbest animals in the world such as Koalas, Sloths, Jerboa, Komodo Dragon, Horned Lizard, Northern Fulmar Chick, Secretary Bird and Giraffe. However, there is always one in every list that is known to be in the first rank. In terms of the dumbest animal, our number one animal is none other than the Ostrich.

Besides its fearsome appearance and unmatched defensive techniques, Ostrich is also ranked as the dumbest animal. But the question arises as to why the ostrich is the dumbest animal. Well, its response to threats makes it the dumbest. Let’s dive deep into further details.

Which Animal Is The Dumbest?

Ostrich is the dumbest animal. The 9-foot tall Ostrich has an impressive speed of 40 miles per hour and unmatched defensive techniques. Besides its successful kicks which can seamlessly kill a lion, an ostrich is shockingly stupid when it comes to being face-to-face with threats.

They have relatively small brains compared to the proportion of their body. Instead of thinking and running away with their long legs, they prefer to close their eyes and shove their heads in sand. The common belief is that, while doing this act they feel like they are invisible and predators can not see them, however, the reality is quite the opposite.

What is the #1 dumbest animal?

Ostrich is ranked as the #1 dumbest animal due to its dumb reaction when facing a threat. An ostrich is well known for its aggressive defence and even strong animals like a lion will like to avoid any interaction with an ostrich. However, when it comes to facing a threat they prefer to shove their heads in sand, leaving their bodies still out in the air.

Ostriches close their eyes under the sand and believe that they are now invisible to predators, however, this camouflage technique is only feasible for the army, small birds and animals, and doesn’t well serve its purpose for ostriches.

However, this widely held belief about ostriches burying their heads in the sand is a myth.

Contrary, ostriches do not actually bury their heads in the sand. This misconception may have arisen from observing ostriches lowering their heads to the ground, either to ingest sand and pebbles for digestion or to listen for vibrations, making it appear as if their heads are buried. In reality, ostriches are adapted to their environment with strong legs for running at high speeds and sharp vision to spot predators. Their behavior and cognitive abilities are consistent with their ecological needs and do not support the notion of them being the “dumbest” animal. The article’s depiction of ostrich behavior is based on a myth and does not accurately reflect the animal’s intelligence or natural behavior.

Are Sheep really dumb animals?

Besides the contrary belief, sheep are quite intelligent animals. They exhibit strong cognitive ability as well as they have a wide range of emotions from attachment, happiness, sadness to even boredom. The IQ score of a Sheep is 0.8 which is quite close to the horse which has an IQ score of 0.9.

Are Horses smart or dumb?

Horses are very smart animals, although they are not the smartest of all but on a list of “smart animals” they are also not ranked last. Horses can develop a strong bond with humans most importantly with the ones who provide them food and shelter. They have a strong memory and can remember things for a longer period. Moreover, they also have problem-solving abilities with an IQ level of 0.9.

What animal has the lowest IQ?

The IQ of animals is only measurable through their cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills. Therefore such animals that lack complex cognitive abilities or have the least defensive skills or problem-solving skills are known to have the lowest IQ level.

However, Ostrich is known to be the dumbest animal in the World and hypothetically it should also have the lowest IQ level. It is important to note that the IQ of an animal does not define its intelligence because this formula is not applicable for animals.

What are the top 20 dumbest animals?

Here are the top 20 dumbest animals:

Ostrich Has a smaller brain relative to the body proportion. They shove their heads in the sand when facing a threat, thinking of themselves as invisible to their predator.
Flamingo Rest only on one leg instead of using both legs and even try to catch the fish with their beaks upside down.
Panda Bear They often lack energy and can unintentionally kill their babies.
Turkey Keeps staring at the sky even during heavy rains, which in some cases cause them to die.
Jerboa They are unimaginably fast species, however, they take a little longer to master the use of their legs, about 11 weeks.
Goblin Shark They are extremely lazy and wait for their prey to come to them instead of hunting their prey themselves. They wait for an extensive period and if they don’t get food, they eventually die.
Sloth Sleeps all their life and sometimes confuse their limbs for branches of trees and hence they fall and die.
Koala They have small brains and less dietary variety, they keep munching on eucalyptus which is known to be toxic and an indigestible food.
Kakapo They don’t have any defensive skills and they freeze when they spot a predator.
Cane Toad They legit eat anything they get. If you offer them cat food they are more than happy to eat it up. Additionally, they can create intimate relationships with any animal, dead or alive.
Norwegian Lemming This small mouse-like creature tries to be a hero and challenge huge wild animals that can kill it in one swipe.
Japanese Land Snail The common behaviour of snails while facing a threat is that they hide in their shell. But Japanese Land snails, instead, come out of their shells to throw it towards the predator as an act of defence but it does more harm than good perhaps.
Slow Loris As the name suggests, slow Loris is not slow at all. It’s very rare that it’ll disturb a bunch of leaves on the ground when moving, but as soon as the predator comes face to face with it, it covers its face and freezes.
Northern Fulmar They are foolish enough to leave their chicks at the mercy of the environment and are clearly very bad parents.
Lilac-breasted Roller It is easy prey because it doesn’t fly away when facing a predator, instead, it freezes right in front of the threat.
Secretary Bird Instead of using their wings to fly they prefer walking and finding snakes on the ground. Often, they stomp on their prey and get attacked by poisonous snakes.
Horned Lizard They wait for their prey to come to them instead of hunting it themselves. If they don’t get food they will starve to death but will not go and hunt it themselves.
Komodo Dragon They bite on bigger chunks which are not easy to swallow and they also don’t know when to stop eating as they can eat 80% of their weight in one meal.
Killdeer They attract their predators themselves by making loud noises and on their arrival, they start to gently fly around the predator, instead of flying away, and they become easy prey.
Giraffes They don’t know how to make sounds for effective communication with their fellows.