Tiger vs Grizzly Bear – Who Would Win

Grizzly bears and the Siberian tigers are the most ferocious wild animals ever. Grizzly Bears are the top predator in the North American wild while the Siberian Tiger is native to the remote forests of Siberia. Being native to different geographic locations, it is not possible for the Grizzly bear and tiger to confront each other in the wild. We have gathered complete information to analyze the strengths of each of these beasts and compare them in different scenarios. Through facts, conjectures, and assumptions, we will try to deduce the winner if there was a fight between them.

Tiger and Grizzly Bear on map

Tiger vs Grizzly Bear

Let’s compare the strengths of two healthy wild specimens in their prime and above-average size.

Power and Strength

Grizzly Bear

  • The front legs of a grizzly bear are the strongest of all land predators. They can carry up to 1213 lbs (550 kg) which is also equal to 0.8 times their body weight.
  • They have 3 inches canine and can open their mouth up to 16 inches wide resulting in a biting force of 1200 psi.
  • they have fast twitching muscles and can break the spine of a tiger in one single paw swipe. Whenever confronted by another animal the grizzly bear shatters its bones and disables them. 

Grizzly Bear jaws


  • On the other hand, tigers have the strength to lift twice the weight of their body. They have 3 inches canines resulting in a bite force of 1000 psi. 
  • A tiger is strong enough to attack prey that is double its body weight yet in a fight with a grizzly bear it has to avoid the blow because a Grizzly is much more massive than a tiger.

Bear vs tiger bite force

Speed and Maneuverability

  • The speed of a tiger is about 49 to 65 km/h which can give it a huge advantage over the grizzly bear. Its rapid speed and agility can surprise the grizzly bear. 
  • On the other hand, the speed of the Grizzly bear is about 40 to 45 km/h enough to tackle the agility of the tiger. So, when it comes to speed and agility the tiger has an advantage. 


  • The Grizzlies are far better than tigers when it comes to stamina as they can run for miles after their prey at a good speed and without taking a break.  
  • Comparatively, tigers have low stamina and are often observed leaving their prey in a long chase. Tigers are very fast but only in short bursts.
  • So, a prolonged fight between a tiger and a grizzly would not be in favor of the tiger. It will either retreat or lose its life in a long fight.

Claws, Paws, and Defensive Mechanisms

  • The tiger has razor-sharp claws of up to 4 inches (10 cm) used for both offense and defense. They can cut and get hooked on the bear’s skin.
  • On the other hand, the Grizzly’s claws are not that sharp and are intended for digging instead of cutting. 
  • When compared to Grizzly the tiger’s paws are not that strong. So, the blow of the Grizzly is more fatal than that of a tiger.
  • Moreover, the skin of the Grizzly is thicker and hard to penetrate due to thick layers of fat and long fur. 
  • So, though the tiger has better claws but the paws and skin defense of the Grizzly are stronger and at an advantage. 

Bear vs tiger claws

Fighting Instinct and Attacking Temperament

  • Tiger has evolved with a killing instinct. As they are carnivores, they cannot survive without meat which makes them expert hunters.
  • On the other hand, Grizzly bears are omnivores with a diet that constitutes 5 to 15% of meat. So they hunt small prey and seldom attack larger animals.
  • So, when it comes to attacking temperament the tiger wins as they are naturally killing machines.

Senses and Detection Mechanism

  • Grizzly bears have color vision, good hearing ability, and smelling power equal to 51 bloodhounds.
  • On the other hand, tigers have excellent night vision, better hearing ability, great sense of touch, and highly sensitive whiskers spread all over the body to outmatch a grizzly bear.

Who Would Win?

  • In the wild, there is very little to no chance of a fight between the Tiger and a grizzly bear. 
  • If these two beasts confront each other in the wild, to win, the tiger would try a strong, fast ambush attack bite the neck, and finish the grizzly bear. Otherwise, it may risk losing its life. 
  • On the other hand, the Grizzly will tend to stand to appear larger than its enemy and try to threaten first. 
  • In the beginning, it will defend and then launch a defensive offense and prolong the fight for a chance to deliver a deadly blow.
  • So, the one who strikes first will win the fight. If a tiger can reach the bear’s neck it would win as it is very difficult to get out of the tiger’s jaws.
  • And if the bear strikes the first blow on the tiger’s spine or legs the grizzly will win. If the fight is prolonged the tiger’s chances of winning will diminish.

Tiger vs Grizzly Bear

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2 responses to “Tiger vs Grizzly Bear – Who Would Win”

  1. Tom Shadoin Jr.

    Hi I think they would both scare the Hell out of me!

  2. George of the jungle

    Respectfully tigers are beasts upon their normal day prey
    Unless we’re talking about a Himalayan bear which is much smaller then any bear (200 lbs} and tiger breed, the tiger wouldnt have a chance against a bear after they
    start weighing around 4 – 500lbs, and this is less then half the weight of a normal bear and we all know a tiger wouldn’t even stick around a bear unless the bear was physically smaller then it.

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