How Strong Is A Grizzly Bear – Grizzly Bear Strength

Grizzly Bears are very strong when compared to a man. According to a rough estimate they are as strong as six men. Even a small cub weighing 100 pounds would probably be more stronger than the strongest athlete. With such strength, it intrigues us to measure the Grizzly Bear Strength and compare it with the strength of other animals, so that we can rank them. Here we have gathered complete information on How Strong Is A Grizzly Bear. You will learn not only about the Grizzly Bear Strength but also the force they can exert, the strength of its arm, paw and jaw. We have further compared its strength with gorilla and human.

How Strong Is A Grizzly Bear

  • A grizzly bear is considered as one of the powerful and strongest mammals on the Earth.
  • It has huge muscles which makes it able to lift about 500 kg, 0.8 times of its own body weight.
  • A grizzly bear cub of 100 pounds weight would probably be more strong than a strongest male power athlete.
  • A full grown grizzly bear can easily lift rock of around 300 kg with just one paw.

How Strong Is A Grizzly Bear

Average Grizzly Bear Strength

  • The accurate strength of grizzly bears can not be determined because it is not possible to make them do squats or bench presses. However, they reveal their strength in other ways. 
  • A female grizzly bear (sow) of usual size can easily lift a 350 pound rock in search of food underneath it.
  • An experiment was done in which food was kept inside a 700 pound dumpster that was then sealed and kept in the location of a grizzly bear. The bear was enticed by the smell of food and he rolled the dumpster around so easily just like a light, folding bookshelf.
  • It has been estimated that they can lift a weight that is 0.8 times of their own body weight.

How Much Force Does A Grizzly Bear Have

  • An adult full-grown grizzly bear has enough force to lift around 500 kg weight, which is 0.8 times of its own body weight.
  • It can also lift rocks of more than 300 kg weight with only one paw.
  • An individual grizzly was observed dragging a full-grown moose (average weight 800 lbs) alone.

Grizzly Bear Paw Strength

  • Grizzly bears have incredibly strong and powerful paws.
  • They can lift over 300 kg rocks with just one paw.
  • Their paws are equipped with around 4 inches long claws, which they use for fighting with other animals as well as for digging huge burrows in a short time.
  • The single hit of their paw is strong enough to break the spine of a wolf.

Grizzly bear paw strength

How Strong Is A Grizzly Bear Swipe

  • The swipe of a grizzly bear is so strong that it can bring down other animals with only a single attempt.
  • Their single swipe is strong enough to smack the head of a person off.
  • They can break the spine of a cougar or wolf with a single swipe on the back.

Grizzly Bear Arm Strength – Grizzly Bear Slap Power

  • The arms or forelegs of a grizzly bear are considered as the strongest of any predators.
  • Huge shoulder muscles (that make a prominent hump on their back) power their arms, which enable them to lift heavy rocks and other things.
  • With a single slap, a grizzly bear can smack the head of a person off and break the spine of a wolf or cougar on the back.

How Hard Can A Grizzly Bear Hit

  • The hit of a grizzly bear is so strong that it can bring down large sized animals in only a single attempt.

How Strong Is A Grizzly Bear Bite – Grizzly Bear Jaw Strength

  • Grizzly bears have extremely powerful jaws that are equipped with strong muscles.
  • They can close their jaws with 1,200 PSI force, which is enough to bite through bones, hard trees, and cast iron utensils.
  • The bite of a grizzly bear is so strong that it would be enough to crush the human skull.
  • Their bite force is 1,200 PSI (pound per square inch), which is strong enough for snapping the spine of huge sized prey (such as full-grown male elk) and for crushing a bowling ball.

Grizzly Bear Jaw Strength

Grizzly Bear Strength Test

  • Students of the University of Montana tested the strength of a grizzly bear in the supervision of Professor Doug Crains for the documentary of National Geographic.
  • They found that the strength of the grizzly was equal to 2.5 to 5 humans.
  • In another experiment, a grizzly bear was tempted with the smell of food in a 700 lbs (317.5 kg) sealed dumpster. The grizzly rolled around the dumpster like it was a light bookshelf.

How Strong Are Grizzly Bears Compared To Humans

  • Grizzly bears are estimated as 2.5 to 5 times stronger than humans.

Is A Gorilla Stronger Than A Grizzly Bear

  • No, a gorilla is not stronger than a grizzly bear.
  • While a gorilla is more muscular than a grizzly. However, a grizzly bear is twice as big and heavier than a gorilla.
  • If they are confronted 10 times, the grizzly bear would always win the fights.

Grizzly Bear vs gorilla

How Much Stronger Is A Gorilla Than A Grizzly Bear

  • A gorilla is more muscular than a grizzly bear.
  • Its bite force (1300 PSI) is also greater than a grizzly (1200 PSI). 
  • A silverback gorilla can also lift more weight (up to 815 kg) than a grizzly bear (up to 500 kg). 
  • However, a gorilla is not stronger than a grizzly bear because; a grizzly is twice the size of a gorilla and is equipped with large paws (20 inches) and razor-sharp long claws (4 inches), which make it more strong than a gorilla.

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Who Can Beat A Grizzly Bear

  • Elephants, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, bulls, buffalos, and other animal species of significant size could beat a grizzly bear.
  • An adult male tiger or lion can also beat a grizzly.
  • A giraffe would be also able to beat a grizzly with one kick or head swing.

What Animal Is Stronger Than A Grizzly Bear

  • A polar bear is stronger than a grizzly bear. A polar bear is bigger and heavier than a grizzly and also has thicker and sharper claws than that of a grizzly.
  • In terms of hunting, a Siberian tiger is a stronger and efficient hunter than a grizzly bear.

Grizzly Bear Strength Facts

  • A grizzly bear is considered as one of the strongest mammals on the planet Earth.
  • Its strength has been estimated to be equal to 2.5 to 5 men.
  • The strength of grizzly bears is due to their huge muscles and special physiology. The muscles on which they exert force insert lower on the bone as compared to human body parts and provide them mechanical advantage.
  • Their arms (forelegs) are by far considered as the strongest of any predator, which are supplied by huge shoulder muscles. 
  • Their broad paws and thick, long claws enable them to dig deep burrows without much effort. It also gives them strength to bring down large predators (such as moose) with just a single blow.
  • Grizzly bears have strong jaw muscles, which enable them to exert strong bite force (1200 PSI). Their bite force is enough to snap the spin of large prey and to crush the human skull.

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  1. Daniel D Raspberry

    That makes no sense just because one thing is taller and weighs more but can only lift 200kg vs a another living thing that is shorter and weighs less but can lift 300kg does it make the taller heavier living thing wrong max amount of weight they can lift makes one of them stronger than the other get what I said is it clear this is for whoever wrote that gorilla versus grizzly bear or vice versa strength against against each other that made no sense the bite force stronger stronger Just because big Grizzly is heavier and taller does not make it stronger I’m a marine biologist I don’t even study land animals and I know that much

  2. IT seems that when a bear charges a human, they kill the human quickly.wikipedia has a listing of maybe a hundred fatal attacks on humans . Can going for a walk in the woods be like russian roulette. Cyclists, hikers, hunters,fishermenonrivers,campers,,outdoor hobbyists all need better answers.

  3. most bear articles, say bear are omnivores, at the same time they say bears travel hundreds of miles to find food,referring to black bears, living mostly in boreal forests,Why travel far for food if theyare predominantly omnivores, there is grass everywhere..if we post comments there is now way to follow up. It seems emails are not acknowledged.

  4. Kevin W.Gibbs

    Hi,I believe a large grizzly bear is more like 4-7 times stronger than a fit man.A tiger or lion could only defeat a grizzly if amushed from behind,even that is ify.The kodiak,s are even stronger,polar bear as well,Thanks!

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