What Do Siberian Tigers Eat – Siberian Tigers Diet

Siberian tigers are the largest of all tiger subspecies. They are also the most endangered, with only around 500 individuals remaining in the wild. The main threat to Siberian tigers is habitat loss and fragmentation, as their forest homes are destroyed for logging, mining, and other development projects. This has led to a decrease in their prey populations, forcing them to turn to livestock and humans for food. While this has helped some individuals survive in the short-term, it ultimately puts them at risk of being killed by people who view them as a threat. We have gathered complete information on What Do Siberian Tigers Eat and listed down all the animals that are part of Siberian Tigers Diet. Furthermore, we have answered all the questions that you might have in your mind about the Siberian Tigers Diet.

What Do Siberian Tigers Eat

Siberian tigers are carnivores which means that they eat meat. In order to get meat, they hunt other animals that are found in its habitat.

Siberian Tigers Diet

What Do Siberian Tigers Eat In The Wild

In the wild the diet of a Siberian tiger consists mainly of ungulates such as:

  • deer
  • boar
  • elk

They will also eat smaller prey items if available like:

  • rabbits
  • rodents

In areas where their natural prey is scarce they have been known to kill domestic livestock such as

  • cattle
  • horses

They will also eat fish if they can find them but this does not make up a large part their diet like it does for some other cats. In some cases they will even attack people if they feel threatened or desperate enough.


Siberian tigers hunt alone or sometimes with another tiger if it is a mother hunting with her cubs. When stalking their prey, they will approach cautiously from downwind so that their prey does not catch wind of them before it is too late


What Do Siberian Tigers Eat In Captivity

In captivity, Siberian tigers typically eat a diet that consists of raw meat (usually chicken or beef), bones, vegetables, and a small amount of fruit. The specific diet requirements vary depending on the individual tiger’s age and health status. For example, younger tigers may require more protein in their diet than adults do since they are still growing and developing muscle mass. Older tigers may need more fiber in their diet in order to maintain digestive health as they age.

What Do Siberian Tigers Eat In Captivity

How Much Do Siberian Tigers Eat – How Often Do Siberian Tigers Eat

The Siberian tiger is the largest of all the tigers. They can weigh up to 660 pounds and be as long as 10 feet, including their tail! Despite their size, they are very good at hunting and can take down prey much larger than themselves.

In the wild, they typically eat around 10-15 pounds of meat per day. However, when in captivity they may only eat 2-3 times per week due to being fed large quantities at once.

How Do Siberian Tigers eat

Siberian tigers stalk their prey silently before pouncing on it from behind or above. Once they have killed their prey, they will drag it back to a secluded spot where they can eat undisturbed.

How Do Siberian Tigers eat

While Siberian tigers will eat just about anything they can catch, their diet consists primarily of large ungulates weighing 150 pounds or more. A single tiger may consume up to 60 pounds of meat at one time! To digest all this food properly, Siberian tigers need to drink a lot of water; it is not uncommon for them to drink over 50 gallons per day during the summer months when food is plentiful.

Do Siberian Tigers Ever Eat Plants

Although Siberian tigers are typically carnivores, there are occasions when they will consume plants. This usually occurs when their preferred food source is scarce or unavailable. While the plant matter does not provide them with much in the way of nutrients, it can help to tide them over until they can find a more substantial meal.

Do Siberian Tigers Eat Humans

In some cases, Siberian tigers have been known to eat human flesh. This is usually only done out of desperation, as humans are not a usual part of their diet.

Do Siberian Tigers Eat Bears

Do Siberian Tigers Eat Bears

The short answer is yes, Siberian tigers do eat bears. However, the details are a bit more complicated than that.

In terms of their diet, bears make up a relatively small percentage. There are two main reasons for this:

  • firstly, there are not many bears in the areas where Siberian tigers live;
  • secondly, when they do encounter a bear it is often too large and dangerous for them to take down (even an adult tiger can be seriously injured or killed by a grizzly bear).

That being said, there have been instances where tigers have successfully hunted and eaten bears – usually young cubs or sick/injured adults.

Do Siberian Tigers Eat Grizzly Bears

siberian tiger eating meat

No, Siberian tigers do not eat grizzly bears. While both animals are found in Asia, they inhabit different regions and therefore do not interact with one another. Grizzlies are found in North America, while Siberian tigers live in Russia and Northeast China. Additionally, these two species have different diets; grizzly bears primarily eat plants, while Siberian tigers hunt for meat.