How Fast Can A Coyote Run – Coyote Top Speed

An adult Coyote when in pursuit can run at a speed of  56 to 69 km/h which is equivalent to 35 to 43 mph. These canines are native to North America and smaller in size than the wolf. It has almost the same ecological role as that of the golden jackal in Eurasia. They are well known for their sneaky nature and are hard to notice when they are on the move. They mostly move around with a slow and steady pace when looking for food. The speed of Coyote has been greatly undermined in the cartoon “Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner“, however, in real life, the Coyote can easily outrun the Road Runner whose top speed is 32 km/h i.e. 20 mph which is very less when compared to the Coyote speed. Let us have a brief overview of, How Fast Can A Coyote Run, its average speed, its top speed , its speed compared with other similar animals and whether we human can out run it or not.

How Fast Can A Coyote Run

Coyotes are fast and agile, when in a sprint, it can easily reach up to a speed of 64 km/h i.e. 40 mph. Their agility enable them quickly change their course when chasing a prey or being chased by a predator.

Coyotes mostly run at speed of 32 km/h i.e. 20 mph when chasing the prey and when moving over long distances they cover half of the distance by walking and half by running, while keeping their average speed at 32 km/h i.e. 20 mph.

How long can a coyote run at top speed?

The coyotes can maintain their top speed for about less than 0.4 km (0.25 miles). For distance of about 3.3 km (2 miles) the coyote can retain its speed between 24 to 32 km/h i.e. 15–20 miles per hour and for distances longer than 2 miles its average speed is 16 to 24 km/h (10-15 mph).

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