What Eats Polar Bear – Polar Bear Predators

Polar Bears have long been known as the apex predator of the arctic region. It has been on the top of the food chain in the north pole region for a very long time. They are big, strong and powerful enough that no other animal dares to rival it. One thing is for sure that there are no natural predators of Polar Bear as far as the natural food chain is concerned. So a simple answer to the question “What Eats Polar Bear” is that polar bear is not included in diet of any living being. This does not necessarily mean that polar bears have not been ever killed or eaten by another being. So you might wonder what are those beings that might have killed and eaten a polar bear, continue reading to know more about Polar Bear Predators.

What Eats Polar Bear – Polar Bear Predators

1. Human

  • For every top predator in the world whether it is a tiger, lion, shark or polar bear there is always one predator that has been hunting and killing them all. This common predator of top predators is human.
  • Polar Bears are not part of normal human diet yet humans have been hunting polar bears for centuries. Some might have hunted it for food but most of them are hunted for commercial reasons.
  • Polar Bears are poached by humans for their fur and other parts, which are then traded internationally for very high price.
  • 500 to 600 polar bears are hunted in Canada every year.
  • Polar bear hunting is banned in United States and Russia.
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2. Polar Bear

  • Polar bears are known to kill and sometimes eat their own kind.
  • They do this when times are tough and they are unable to find food.
  • Polar bears will also fight and kill each other when two males are fighting for a female to mate.
  • A strong male polar bear usually kills a female polar bear or cubs to eat them.
  • Cannibalism is a rare behavior in Polar Bears which has been on rise due to climate change.
polar bear predators
Image source: https://www.seeker.com/polar-bears-and-cannibalism-revisited-1765556720.html

3. Greenland Shark

  • Back in 2008, a young polar bear was found in the stomach of Greenland shark with no evidence whether the shark killed the polar bear or it just found a a polar bear carcass to eat.

What Eats Polar Bear Cubs

  • A polar bear cub is always in protection of its mother but there are times when the mother might leave it in search food. The cubs are not strong enough to protect themselves from other predators in the arctic region.
  • Polar bears cubs are usually killed and eaten by other polar bears who are unable to find food or are not strong enough to kill seals.
  • A malnourished mother might kill and eat its newborn cubs.
  • Polar Bears eat cubs in the late summer and autumn, when seals are at the sea and not available for them.
  • Polar Bear cubs which are less than one year old are sometimes killed and eaten by wolves and other carnivores.

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