Which Animal Has The Strongest Bite Force?

The animal kingdom is full of tough competitors concerning bite force. Many animals, such as tigers, crocodiles, and sharks, have jaws that can apply immense pressure. The question arises which animal has the strongest biting force? The bite force of an animal is the force produced by the bones and muscles of the jaws when it bites. The pressure of a powerful bite enables animals to attack weak prey. Some predators can even penetrate prey that has very durable armor or shells. Get ready to be surprised by these animals’ tremendous abilities!

Which animal has the strongest bite?

The animal with the strongest bite force is the saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus Porosus). It has a bite force of 16,460 newtons, which is a unit for force measurement. When a saltwater crocodile bites anything, it does it with vigor during its last gasps. A prey is subjected to intense pressure when it is exposed to a saltwater crocodile’s bite.

How is bite force measured?

Scientists use an instrument called a “Gnathodynamometer,” or a “bite force meter. It is attached to an animal’s jaw to calculate biting force. The device then estimates the force applied when the animal bites down. This makes it easy for scientists to make a comparison of the bite forces of different species and get an idea of certain characteristics, such as tooth shape and size of jaw, and the impact on bite force.

Strongest Bite Force Comparison table

Animal Bite Force
Saltwater Crocodile 3,700 PSI
Nile Crocodile 3,000 PSI
American Alligator 2,980 PSI
Hippopotamus 1,800 PSI
Jaguar 1,500 PSI
Gorilla 1.300 PSI
Polar Bear 1,200 PSI
Spotted Hyena 1,100 PSI
Grizzly Bear 975 PSI

Which animal has the weakest bite force?

An anteater is an animal that has a bite force with minimal power. It can hardly move its jaws at all! Anteaters have long tongues which help them to reach out to and collect food, such as ants, and then bring it back into their mouths. The lower jaw of an anteater, which is separated into two halves, is kept together by a ligament and rotates while opening and closing.

Which extinct animal has the strongest bite?

About 66 to 68 million years ago, the Tyrannosaurus rex or T-Rex had a lethal bit force of 35,000 newtons and was the most ferocious among all the extinct creatures, when it trampled the Earth around 68 to 66 million years ago. The Megalodon is the champion of the aquatic domain. It lived around 15 million to 3.6 million years ago. It has a bite force of more than 182,200 newtons. As both have different jaws, it is difficult to decipher who beats who.

What are the factors responsible for making a bite strong?

Several factors are responsible for determining a bite force, such as head, teeth, and jaw strength and hardness of prey. For example, T. rex’s head has the power to crush the bones of its prey. It also had pointed teeth like a knife, which makes it the most strong animal. Yet another factor is body size, which is very important. More crucial than the prey’s toughness or strength of the head is its size. Lastly, the muscles of the jaws are vital, and reposition or enlarge over time to make the bite strong.

What is the bite force of a human?

The bite force of humans is 162 psi. Compared to other mammals, humans do not have a very strong bite force. Humans can eat cooked food and items that are easy to chew. The jaws are smaller as compared to animals. This implies that there is less space in our jaw for large muscles. Some researchers contend that a weak jaw allows for a big brain. The teeth of humans are also not as pointed as those of animals. The most force is possessed by molars. Though weak, the human bite force is impressive among the primates group.

What is the strongest human bite force?

The strongest human bite is 975 lb, as stated in the Guinness Book of Records. Richard Hofmann, a 1949 citizen of Lake City, Florida, possessed a biting strength of 442 kg (975 lb) for about two seconds in a research test using a gnathodynamometer, in August 1986. It was six times as powerful as an average human bite.

Can humans survive the strongest bite force?

No, humans cannot survive the strongest bite force. The creatures with enormous bite force have enough force to crush the humans into pieces and severely damage tissues. In case anyone is lucky to survive, he might have severe injuries. Human bodies are not designed in a way that they can endure extremely high bite force. It is important to avoid situations that may put your life at stake.

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