Do Killer Whales Eat Polar Bears – Polar Bears vs Killer Whale

The Killer Whale also known as Orca is the largest member of the dolphin family. They are also known as one of the top predators of the sea just like wolves on the land. Killer whales diet includes a wide range of marine animals like seals, sea lions, whales, fish, squid and seabirds. Killer whales unlike polar bear are found in both the arctic and the antarctic region. Both the polar bear and the killer whales hunt seals in the arctic, so there is a chance that they might face each other while hunting for the same prey. So you might wonder if these top predators come across each other, Killer Whale being large in size might kill the polar bear and eat it. So the question here arise is Do Killer Whales Eat Polar Bears and has there been any recorded evidence where killer whales might have eaten a polar bear. We have properly researched this topic and found some really interesting information that we would like to share with you.

Do Killer Whales Eat Polar Bears

  • The answer is “No”, if the question “Do killer whales eat polar bears” is asked in the sense that whether polar bears are part of the killer whale diet or not.
  • Killer whales do not eat polar bears and so they do not go out looking for them and killing them.
  • Before the global warming phenomenon, arctic region was covered with ice for most part of the year and killer whales rarely visited arctic in search of food. So there was very little chance of killer whales crossing a polar bear.
  • But now due to global warming, the ice in the arctic regions is receding at 13.3 percent per decade and killer whales are frequently visiting the north in search of prey. It is just a matter of time that the killer whales might become the top predators of the north.
  • Since both polar bears and killer whales hunt seals so interaction between these top predators in inevitable in the near future.
  • Recent news suggests that Polar Bears have been scavenging on Bowhead Whales killed by Killer Whales in the north. This is suggesting that polar bears will be no more the top predators of the north.

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Do Killer Whales Eat Polar Bears - Polar Bears vs Killer Whale

Killer Whales Vs Polar Bear

  • Polar Bears have been known for killing Beluga Whales but Killer Whales are almost twice the average size of Beluga Whale so there is no chance for a Polar Bear to kill a Killer Whale.
  • On the other hand Killer Whales being large in size and efficient hunter of most of the marine animals can easily kill a polar bear in water.
  • Moreover, it will be very easy for Killer Whales to drag a polar bear cub from the ice sheets just like they do with seals.
  • However, so far there is no evidence that a killer whale has ever killed or eaten a polar bear.
  • On the other hand a young polar bear was found in the stomach of a Greenland shark back in 2008 still with no evidence that whether it was killed by the Greenland shark or was it just a polar bear carcass.

Do Killer Whales Eat Polar Bears - Polar Bears vs Killer Whale

Killer Whales Eating Habits

  • Killer whales are top predators in the ocean and hunt the most marine mammals in the world.
  • They have the most diverse diet but prey on specific marine animals in specific habitats i.e. in some parts of the world they hunt fishes and in some parts they hunt marine mammals but not both fishes and marine mammals.
  • It has been observed that killer whales prey about 140 different species of animals which includes 50 species of marine mammals, sharks, whales, rays, leatherback sea turtles, penguins, moose and sea birds.

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  2. An African elephant could gore an orca to death, in the highly unlikely incidence -they- ever met. Polar bears could kill sub-adult orcas however, or sick adults as well.

  3. An African Elephant would easily be outmanuevered by Killer Whales in water. Killer Whales aren’t your average dolphins they’re huge and can take on whales (in pods) and White sharks

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